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Directing and Choreography Broadway Musical Flower Drum Song  play M. Butterfly. RED
.This production will set up courses rehearsal time.

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Peking Opera /Chinese Music Workshop
This workshop includes opera gesture and movements (male & female), vocal techniques (male & female), stage acrobatics and martial arts, make-up and costuming, and stage props.Chinese Music workshop includes Drumming /Musical Instruments ,



Chinese musical acrobatic theater
introduced through lecture and performance

Peking Opera
Peking Opera is the most representative and spectacular of the traditional Chinese performing arts.  It is a dramatic art form which incorporates music, poetry, singing, recitation, dancing, acrobatics, martial arts, spectacular costumes and exquisite makeup in order to relate stories from history and mythology.

Monkey King
Monkey King is a lecture / demonstration adaptable to all age groups and any audience size (particularly suitable for school assemblies).  Mr. Guan begins by coming out on stage in his Monkey King costume and applying his makeup while the history, training, costumes, and makeup of Peking Opera are explained, and the story of the Monkey King is outlined.  With makeup applied, Mr. Guan performs four excerpts from the opera havoc in Heaven.

The magical Monkey King introduces himself and his acrobatic and martial arts skills in the first scene.  In the second scene he sneaks into a heavenly palace and steals magical peaches intended for a party to which he was not invited, then in the third scene eats eternity pills made for the Jade Emperor.  In the final scene he demonstrates his abilities with the staff.  The performance is followed by a question and answer period.

Dragon King
Dragon King is a lecture/demonstration which uses the techniques of Peking Opera to introduce the Dragon King of Chinese lends, adaptable to all age groups and any audience size.  Dragon King requires the participation of at least ten student participants who can be trained in a two-hour workshop immediately preceding the presentation.

Mr. Guan begins by coming out on stage in Dragon King makeup and puts on his costume while the history, training, costumes, and makeup of Peking Opera are explained, and the legendary Dragon King is introduced.  Once in costume, Mr. Guan performs four scenes from a Dragon King story.

In the first scene the Dragon King introduces himself in his underwater kingdom, playing with his turtle, crab, fish and shrimp subjects, and polishing his treasured Sun pearl.  In the second scene the Dragon King is horrified to discover that his precious Sun Pearl is missing, and in the third scene he demonstrates his abilities with his trident.  In the final scene the Sun Pearl is found, and the Dragon King rejoices.  The performances if followed by a question and answer period.

Other Workshops and Residencies
In addition, Mr. Guan offers workshops and residencies in various aspects of Peking Opera, tai chi, Chinese martial arts and Chinese culture which are ideal for students studying dance, drama, music, Asian studies, etc.he can also work intensively with a small group of students who then participate in Magic of the Monkey King presented for a larger audience.

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"It was a pleasure to present Magic of the Monkey King.  It was a rare opportunity to introduce the young people of our area to an art form that they would otherwise have little possibility of seeing.  The program was clear and informative, yet entertaining, and displayed a high level of performing skill."

   --  Susan L. Swarthiest, Director, Discovery Theater, The Smithsonian Institution

"Mr. Guan is clearly a master performer.  In less than an hour, the art of mime, movement, and makeup was expressed at its highest level.  Mr. Guam's gestures, facial expressions, and timing as well as his unhesitating mastery of the double swords and gymnastic feats synthesized many skills.  This letter is written as an appreciation as well as an acclamation to encourage other museums and schools to present this program."

   --  Janet Sale Dickson, Curator of Education, Yale University Art Gallery

"Those students who were a part of the performance felt it was one of their most exciting experiences ever.  The five hundred plus who were privileged to attend were highly enriched in addition to being marvelously entertained.  All of us present came away with a better understanding and greater appreciation for Chinese culture.  . . . The program was clearly designed to expand the horizons and increase the global consciousness of the young people present.  In short, the presentation was superb."

   --  Carolyn L. Taylor, Principal, James Madison Memorial High School



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