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Sample Six-Session Residency

Session 1
Students are exposed to Peking Opera through a lecture/demonstration "Magic of the Monkey King".  Students get a chance to see what a Peking Opera performance looks like via the mischievous magical "Monkey King".

Session 2
Uses of makeup, on-stage and off, are discussed.  Character development through makeup, use of color, changing perception of appearance.  Students are made up in Peking Opera faces and design their own characters.

Session 3
Theatrical costumes are discussed.  Uses of color, costuming to change appearance and importance of designing a costume to fit the needs of the performer.  Students try on Peking Opera costumes and discuss which characters they might wear and why.

Session 4
The use of music in theater is discussed.  Students try out Peking Opera instruments and learn to play a percussion piece.

Session 5
Character development through movement is discussed.  Students try some leg exercises, arm movements, balance exercises and defining different characters through stances, strides, etc.

Session 6
"Instant Peking Opera."  The use of props to define environment is discussed briefly.  Flags are used to suggest water, and an undersea adventure is created with all students participating.  Students use movement to become fish, turtles, crabs, swimmers, and students twirling flags are waves.  Students give suggestions as to how makeup, costumes and music could be used to enhance the piece.



Sample Ten-Session Residency


Session 1-5
As outlined above.

Session 6-8
Creating and rehearsing a performance of Dragon King of the Ocean Depths

Session 9-10
Double session.  Preparing for and presenting Dragon King of the Ocean Depths, in which all participants perform.



Program Fees


Daytime programs for schools

Single 40-minute lecture / demonstration: $1500*

Half day:   $2000*

    One 40-minute lecture/demonstration and two 45 minute workshops

Full day:   $2500*

    Combination of activities including lecture / demonstrations and three 45 minute workshops (limit of two lecture / demonstrations per day)

    One intensive workshop (8 students) and one 40-minute
    lecture-demonstration with students

Residencies:   negotiable

Other Programs

Specialized performances, demos, workshops, residencies:   negotiable


*  Plus round-trip transportation from/to New York, per diem and accommodations if overnight stay is required.


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