Jamie H.J.Guan



Following are excerpts from various articles and reviews.  The full text of these and other articles may be obtained by contacting Mr. Guan.

...the words of Hua, who may be real or imaginary, are spoken by the actor..., but it is Jamie Guan who represents the character's theatrical, choreographic, acrobatic and operatic aspects, which is to say his grace, beauty and precision."

- "From China to New Haven," Alvin Klein
The New York Times, Sunday, April 1999"

In that regal drag, the genial 5-foot-7-inch 170-pound [actor] turned into a formidable figure, rising well above the several inches of his platform shoes through sheer attitude.  Wielding a ceremonial staff, Guan executed an impressive dance combining the power of ancient martial arts with the grace of a modern gymnastic floor routine.

- "A Dragon Walks Among Us," Jim Ruth
Sunday News, Lancaster, PA, March 9, 1997

"Mr. Guan was teaching Yunjin Kim, who plays the Woman Warrior, to walk across the stage in Peking Opera style.  There are no words in English for such a walk, but in Cantonese and Mandarin there is a name for every individual movement made by hands, eyes, torso and mind.  Ms. Kim and the trained opera performers who play the animals and villains were leaping spears set across the tops of chairs.  'We must train them to do 300 percent of what the have to do,' Mr, Guan said.  'From wearing costumes alone they will lose 100 percent.' "

- "It's Tough to Get Ghosts to Be Human On Stage," Aljean Harmetz
The New York Times, Sunday, June 5, 1994"



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